Combining our breadth of service with a focus on giving you clarity, planning your financial future has never been easier, or more tailored to you. We will help you take control of your finances, and learn the necessary skills to allow you to do it yourself. Or you may prefer to work with us, or with one of our Trusted Hands®.

You take ownership of the financial ambitions and aspirations you’re working towards. Perhaps you’re thinking about the causes that matter most to you for the legacy you leave. Wherever your journey is leading you, and whatever you want to achieve, our focus is on educating, empowering, and being your accountability partner.


Financial Coaching helps you to better understand your individual relationship with money and empowers you to find the path to the financial future you want.


Looking after your Financial Wellbeing ensures no matter what life brings, you have the confidence and financial security to adapt and cope.


Whether you’re working towards a goal, or making provision to look after your loved ones, Legacy Planning lets you define and achieve the legacy you ultimately want to leave behind.

In addition, with our core team’s expertise, we can provide financial education, coaching and consultancy services for individuals, businesses and organisations.

Our Trusted Hands®

We have taken great care to assemble a directory of experts that we explicitly trust to work on your behalf, and to give you the tailored information and best advice you need. Through our Trusted Hands network we can refer you to specialist expertise ranging from Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants and Solicitors to Medical Professionals.

Working with Wensons will give you the confidence and the understanding to carve out the financial future you want, in a way that works for you. To take the next step, get in touch and arrange a discovery call.

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