In 2015, at the same time when the Wensons Group was being established, 193 world leaders agreed on seventeen goals, with the aim of making the world a better place by eliminating inequality, ending poverty, building sustainable world communities, combatting climate change, and more. The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development are effectively a blueprint for a better planet, and a better future for us all.

This mission is too big for governments alone; so the UN Global Goals encourage participation from businesses, from society as a whole, and from individuals. We truly believe that every one of us can help make a difference.

Inspired by the reach and ambition of the UN Global Goals, the Wensons Group has identified three of the global goals that we believe we can help with and are best placed to make a difference. So we are focussed on propagating financial education as a route to eradicating poverty, as well as promoting good health and wellbeing, which is, after all, at the heart of so much of the work we do in helping people plan for their future.

This is our own form of legacy planning. We too, want to be happy with what we leave behind, and these are some of the values that are most important to us.

No Poverty
Good Health and Wellbeing
Quality Education

Our Legacy